Double Nugget

Written by Johnny McKnight.  Directed by Julie Brown.  Produced by Random Accomplice.  February 2012

A double bill of two critically acclaimed comedies under the banner DOUBLE NUGGET.

MARY MASSACRE: A bittersweet emotional rollercoaster of a story about two disappointed women waiting at the candy floss machine on Irvine Moor. On the surface, there are the overlapping stories of the women who share a light-hearted secret and a love of psychics. Underneath, there is a tale of deceit, loss and betrayal. Both of them are unaware how they’ll change each others’ lives for ever.

SEVEN YEAR ITCH: This true story of the brutal slaying of an office worker in America is interwoven with the delightfully flamboyant tale of two Glasgow co-workers, one of whom is obsessed with Dolly Parton. Seven Year Itch is for the daydreamer who looks at the stapler with murderous intent, for anyone who thinks about shredding their co-worker’s fingers and for those of you who sing out loud and proud at your desk.



**** The two shows combine to create an evening of powerful narrative and gleeful theatrical energy; with a feeling for the backbeat of popular culture that is as sharply analytical as it is enjoyable.  THE SCOTSMAN

**** Appalling and hilarious.  THE TIMES


Photo by Niall Walker

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