Jackie & The Beanstalk

Written and Directed by Johnny McKnight.  WORLD PREMIERE.  Macrobert 2011

Fe Fi Fo Fum, this is the year that Christmas won’t come… 

Stirling Stella is at crisis point. Fairy Mary Christmas has has her wand stolen by the evil Giant Sleigh-Stacks, robbing the entire pantosphere of their Christmas Spirit. Only one band of merry revellers from Skinto-Row can save them, Dame Dot Von Trott and her two daughters, the beautiful (but rather dim) Jilly and everyone’s favourite tom-boy, Jackie. However, this double-dipper recession means that none of them can afford the airfare to get to the Giants Castle and save the day. Will they have to sell their beloved cow Daisy Moo-Moo to soar skyward? Will Dame Dot ever pay her rent money in time to the dashing Count Monty Bisto? Will Jackie ever find her one true love? Will the spirit of Christmas ever return to the pantosphere?



**** The cheeky patter, witty nods to current pop culture – and a wee salute to the late Gerard Kelly – satisfied the old watchdog that this was a panto with its finger on today’s pulse, the beans themselves being pure magic … in a can.  THE HERALD

**** If anyone still thinks panto is a throwback to a misogynist past, they need to take a look at the MacRobert’s glorious giant-slaying romp.  THE GUARDIAN

An entertaining, intelligent celebration and deconstruction of the traditional Scottish pantomime.  THE STAGE

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