Love Hurts

“It’s like Valerie says – Love hurts; Cystitis stings; and up-the-arse-wrecks-havoc-with-an-eiderdown.”  New neighbours have moved in at 41 Primrose Place and they’ve caught Susan’s attention.  She’s unsure of their African Marigolds in the front garden, can’t understand why they’d have a light blue couch and don’t even get her started on the mop bucket they’ve just carried in (it’s never been used).  However, she does find the couple rather nice, too nice perhaps… and Number 33 agrees, her blinds haven’t stopped twitching since they moved in.  Something is going on behind their closed door, something bad, dirty, unspeakable and Susan is determined to find out exactly what it is. Sometimes keeping up with the neighbours is murder.


“A suspense-filled black comedy… resembles Alan Bennett crossed with an X-rated League of Gentleman… ”  STV

“Witty, bitchy fun of the petty rivalries of bored, stay-at-home wives and their obsessive point-scoring… a nicely nuanced, quietly malign performance.”  The Herald

“McKnight handles the narrative with an impressively light touch, combining sharp observational comedy in the style of early Liz Lochhead… with a dark sense of the violence implicit in loveless sexual thrill-seeking.”  The Scotsman

Photo by Niall Walker

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