Smalltown: Ardrossan

Written & Directed by Johnny McKnight.  Produced by Random Accomplice.  February 2011

Drawing on their own experiences of growing up in three Ayrshire towns D.C.Jackson (The Chooky Brae, My Romantic History), Johnny McKnight (Little Johnny Trilogy) and Douglas Maxwell (Decky Does a Bronco, Promises Promises) have created an unashamed and unapologetic comedy weaving together three tales of the carnage wreaked when polluted water causes ordinary people to get caught up in extraordinary circumstances.

Those that aren’t ‘Pure Girvan’ are being killed by the water supply; in Stewarton, oversexed teenagers are turning animalistic, while in Ardrossan there’s a zombie trapped in a freezer. At the end of each performance, the fates of the towns will be in the hands of the audience who will decide which of three possible endings will be performed.



***** A delight from start to finish.  THE JOURNAL

**** I lost count of how many times I laughed out loud and continued to snigger well after a joke had been told. Each writer is undeniably talented at writing with a Scottish audience in mind, with fantastic use of sarcasm and wit, accompanied by a generous sprinkling of swear words. They also don’t shy away from controversial topics.  THEATRE IN SCOTLAND

**** Deliriously funny.  THE GUARDIAN


Photo by Niall Walker



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