Written, Directed and Starring – Johnny McKnight
Produced by Macrobert Arts Centre, December 2023

Get ready for a disco inferno, as we join the McTwank family in the town that Stirling Stella almost forgot – Discotopia. Here lives widow Marge O’Reen McTwank, owner of the last laundrette in town. Her oldest daughter, Aladdin, is wildly in love with Prince Jasper but can love survive the grease stains and smell of fabric conditioner?

And if love’s trials and tribulations weren’t enough, The Demon King has arrived in town claiming himself to be a long-lost relative of the McTwank family, all he wants for Christmas is some rusty old lamp. Hmmm…

Will Marge O’Reen ever find a customer to use the services of her laundrette? What will happen when Aladdin rescues that old disco lamp from the cave of wonders? And what evil plan does The Demon King have up his bat-winged sleeve…

So grab your boogie shoes, strut like you’ve just stepped out of Saturday Night Fever and find a spot on that light up floor, because this Christmas we guarantee that you will be dancing!


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