**** “A fascinating series of experimental audio dramas… characteristically rambunctious dialogue of Johnny McKnight…. all sharp-tongued wisecracks… creating a touching evocation of a world of reduced horizons where everything stands or falls on the success of a homemade curry.” The Guardian

“a little slice of big-hearted comic joy… packed with sharp jokes and acerbic wit” Exeunt Magazine

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He’s just trying to cook a curry for the man he’s grown to love. He’s been neglecting his maw, not calling, not joining in with the zoom trivia. Now, as he tries to build the nerve to say how he feels, it is her voice that comes to the fore. Taunting him, criticising, teasing and above all telling the truth the way only a mother can. A gentle comedy riding waves of self doubt, insecurity and fragile romance, in one mans attempt to express his love for his friend and come to terms with the voices in his head.

Part of Earwig: A Sonic Theatre Podcast
Six new audio drama podcasts by Scottish based playwrights, commissioned especially to explore the possibilities of sonic theatre. Designed to be listened to on headphones, incorporating text, sound design and music, Earwig seeks to challenge, inspire, envelope and embrace its audience, inviting you deep into the inner world of its characters, placing you, the listener, at the centre of the drama.

Creator/Composer/Sound Designer – Danny Krass
Director – Finn den Hertog

Earwig is being delivered with support from the Scottish Government’s Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund administered by Creative Scotland. Design: Niall Walker

World Premiere – 10th February 2021

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