Lyrics by Johnny McKnight, Composed by Gareth Williams
Directed by Roxana Haines
– Postponed due to Coronavirus – World Premiere 2022

Fae this rubble, we finally dared to dream
That the sins fae this hoose might finally be wiped clean.

A group of young people stand amongst the debris of Findenterran Farm, onetime children’s home for those abandoned and forgotten in a broken care system. As they pick through the shattered fragments of their childhood, they reveal what really went on in that largely ignored institution. Part horror, part black comedy, and only too close to real-life events, it gives a voice to those who were ignored and overlooked by society while their youth was quietly stolen from them. But from the rubble, the healing can now begin…

Rubble will be presented by the Scottish Opera Young Company, alongside professional singers and players, directed by Scottish Opera Staff Director Roxana Haines (La bohème 2020), designed by Anna Orton, and conducted by Scottish Opera Young Company Artistic Director Chris Gray.

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