brewgooder: jackie & the beer hops

Once upon a time, in a land close to here
An actor was found gazing into a beer
Whilst usually on stage with a face of greasepaint
She’s now out of work due to COVID restraints
She’s one of so many – 2020’s been tough:
The theatre industry has had quite enough!
But Brewgooder has weaved some much needed magic
To make Christmas for actors just a little less tragic…

Scottish purpose-driven beer brand, Brewgooder, which already donates all of its profits to clean water projects, has launched a panto-themed selection box of four beers to raise money to support actors and theatre workers struggling over the festive period.

Each limited-edition ‘Panto In A Box’ selection pack will include beers from Brewgooder, and have the chance to watch an exclusive online performance of an original pantomime, ‘Jack & The Beer Hops’, written by award-winning Scottish author and playwright Johnny McKnight.

Each ‘Panto In A Box’ will feature a Jack & The Beer Hops story booklet written by Johnny McKnight where audiences will be able to learn more about each character and the inspiration behind the original performance.

Proceeds from ‘Panto In A Box’ will be donated to The Theatre Artists Fund, a charity that provides emergency aid for theatre workers and freelancers across the UK who are in need of urgent and critical financial support following the devastating impact of Covid-19.

Launched November 2020

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