The Hamish Macbeth Mysteries

Currently in development is The Hamish MacBeth Mysteries, a new adaptation of the series of international bestselling books written by Agatha Raisin creator MC Beaton. Having previously been turned into a BBC series starring Robert Carlisle in the early 1990s, the books are now being reimagined as a TV movie format for a new broadcaster.

Free@LastTV MD and Creative Director David Walton said: “We were very lucky to have worked so closely with MC Beaton on Agatha. After the success of Agatha Raisin and before [Beaton’s] sad death in December, she asked us to look at Hamish again for TV – and we were delighted to… our challenge is to bring Hamish to life in the way she intended.”

Development of the series is being led from Glasgow by former BBC executive Kathleen Hutchison, with Johnny McKnight on board as the writer.

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