the frogs

Directed by Johnny McKnight – Conducted by Jonathon SwinardPresented by Scottish Opera
A comedy written by Aristophanes – Adapted freely by Burt Shevelove and Nathan Lane – Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

All aboard for one helluva show! 

Scottish panto legend Johnny McKnight directs the Scottish Opera Young Company in The Frogs, a screwball comedy musical from Stephen Sondheim, the composer of Sweeney Todd and Into the Woods. 
Dionysus, Greek God of Music and Wine, can take no more. The political landscape is torturous, fake news is giving him fatigue and the world has become dis-engaged. But he believes he can change things – by making a treacherous, terrifying…and poetic…journey to the Underworld. Will Dionysus overcome his fear of syncopated singing frogs to reach his final destination? Can he rescue literary greats Willy Shakespeare and Georgie B-Shaw to save the world as we know it? And will he ever pull off that faux-fur outfit given to him by his step-brother Herakles? 

Join us for a night of raucously satirical Sondheim, conducted by Jonathon Swinard, as our hugely talented Young Company take you on a zany, laugh-out-loud journey to Ancient Greece and beyond.

**Show cancelled due to Covid-19**

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