Rapunzel: A Hair Braiding Adventure

Written and Directed by Johnny McKnight
WORLD PREMIERE – Macrobert Arts Centre, 22 November – 31 December 2019

Poor Rapunzel’s been locked up in a tower her entire life. She’s got no telly, no wifi and no dry shampoo!  But she has dreams – of walking barefoot around the mythical land they call Tullibody, of meeting her one true love and singing a love duet, and of getting her hair cut. That’s right, she’s never had a haircut. Like, ever. 

But one day the lonely Rapunzel has a surprising visit in her tower – Prince Rocco and he’s armed and dangerous with a pair of scissors and a plan.

Will Rapunzel follow her dreams and leave with the bumbling Prince?
Will Stirling Stella be ready to accept a plucky young heroine who has never seen Love Island or Cash In the Attic?
Will Rapunzel opt for a bob, a perm or go retro with a Rachel cut at the hairdressers?
Find out in this years hilarious Panto – Rapunzel: A Hair Braiding Adventure.
(Oh, maybe we ruined it there telling you she gets braids. DOH!)


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