Rapunzel: A Hair Braiding Adventure

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Written and Directed by Johnny McKnight
WORLD PREMIERE – Macrobert Arts Centre, 22 November – 31 December 2019

**** “another super-smart panto by the inimitable Johnny McKnight.” THE SCOTSMAN
**** “Rapunzel will be adored by children but it will also provide a refreshing change from traditional panto for the adults as there is so much in it for them.” BROADWAY WORLD
**** “wonderfully more-ish mixture of mayhem, misadventure and pop-tastic musical numbers… a bootylicious treat for all ages” THE HERALD
“McKnight’s capacity to create pantomimes that entertain children and adults equally and simultaneously never fails to impress. This Rapunzel is up there with the best of his Yuletide offerings.” THE NATIONAL

Poor Rapunzel’s been locked up in a tower her entire life. She’s got no telly, no wifi and no dry shampoo!  But she has dreams – of walking barefoot around the mythical land they call Tullibody, of meeting her one true love and singing a love duet, and of getting her hair cut. That’s right, she’s never had a haircut. Like, ever. 

But one day the lonely Rapunzel has a surprising visit in her tower – Prince Rocco and he’s armed and dangerous with a pair of scissors and a plan.

Will Rapunzel follow her dreams and leave with the bumbling Prince?
Will Stirling Stella be ready to accept a plucky young heroine who has never seen Love Island or Cash In the Attic?
Will Rapunzel opt for a bob, a perm or go retro with a Rachel cut at the hairdressers?
Find out in this years hilarious Panto – Rapunzel: A Hair Braiding Adventure.
(Oh, maybe we ruined it there telling you she gets braids. DOH!)


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