The Gorbals Vampire

Written by Johnny McKnight.  Citizens Theatre, October 2016

In 1954, playgrounds across the Gorbals were abuzz with rumours of a man with iron teeth who had abducted and eaten two local young boys. One night in late September, hundreds of children aged 4 – 14 gathered at the Southern Necropolis. Armed with whatever they could find, they mounted a courageous campaign to track down and kill the Gorbals Vampire.  Directed by Guy Hollands & Neil Packham.  

Image created by Frank Quitely



***** “Inventive, colourful, energetic, the show flows with thrills, down-to-earth humour, and timely musical sequences… a playful creation delivering an uplifting renewal of an urban myth.”  THE WEE REVIEW

“A glorious celebration of Glasgow and what it means to be Glaswegian… a real gem of a production.”  GLASGOW THEATRE BLOG

“A dramatic, fictionalised, frightening and hilarious telling of one of the most bizarre horror stories to ever be told in the Gorbals. The Gorbals Vampire is a short and sweet work of genius that reinvents and modernises a largely untold story with humour, heart and good old blood and guts.”  THE GLASGOWIST


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