Wendy Hoose

The award-winning sell-out comedy produced by Random Accomplice & Birds of Paradise.

Laura and Jake just want sex.  Late Friday night drunken sex.  Nothing more. No strings attached. But getting your leg over is sometimes more difficult than you think.

Containing strong language and scenes of a sexual nature, Wendy Hoose is about two twenty year olds searching for love in all the wrong places!
In the comedic style of the production, Wendy Hoose includes audio description, BSL and animated surtitles.


***** “Without a doubt one of the best shows at this year’s Fringe and a real must see!”  DIVA MAGAZINE

*****  Eye-catching, wit soaked, taboo-popping… a true triumph.  MUMBLE

****  Unstintingly well acted, totally on the mark and painfully funny.   THE HERALD

****  Outrageously funny comedy of manners… it is rude, ribald and hilariously off-colour.  THE GUARDIAN

**** Riotous.  TV BOMB

****  A no holds barred, eye wateringly funny piece of theatre… bursting with outrageous humour.  EDINBURGH GUIDE

****  A moving, witty exploration of human fallibilty that is also jaw-droppingly filthy.  EXEUNT 

****  Unashamedly vulgar, but with a compassionate core, Wendy Hoose is a bold, entertaining and sensitive production.  THE LIST

****  Gorgeous, cheeky and outspoken… features two fine, brave comic performances… a memorably bold new Scottish sex comedy that pulls no punches at all.  THE SCOTSMAN

**** Wonderfully constructed and hilarious show.    THREE WEEKS

Definitely my favourite play of this year’s Fringe so far.  BROADWAY WORLD

One of the funniest afternoons I have spent in a theatre.  FRINGE REVIEW

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