Directed by Johnny McKnight.  Written by Anita Vettesse.  

ORAN MOR, April 2016.

Lisa is forty, and edging towards a midlife crisis. The world, she thinks, is judging her childless state. In a desperate bid to conform, she lures her brother-in-law, Mark, to a dingy hotel room in the middle of a ring road to carry out a plan. As the night unfolds she pushes every button she can to get him to agree to do it.


****  Being written by respected Scottish actor Anita Vettesse and directed by equally respected Scottish actor and writer Johnny McKnight is clearly a winning combination for this is wonderfully funny play that romps along beautifully before arcing to real hand-to-the-mouth poignancy at the end. Braw!  EDINBURGH GUIDE

**** Ring Road, the last in the current Play, Pie and a Pint season at the Traverse, is a bittersweet affair. Anita Vettesse’s poignantly funny, well-crafted script benefits from some stand-out performances.  ALL EDINBURGH THEATRE

**** Vettesse’s wise, ultimately beautiful script burns with the taciturn yearning for something to complete our lives, asking larger questions of gender roles, and of what it is that really fulfills people. The road is long, but there are many pot holes and junctions along the way.  THE LIST

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