The Little Mermaid

Written & Directed by Johnny McKnight.  WORLD PREMIERE.  Macrobert, Dec 2015

Millions of miles underwater of Stirling Stella there lies a perfect world – Oceania. 

Down there there’s no violence, no gaudy colours, there’s not even a whiff of Celebrity Big Brother.  But it’s not enough for Ariel. She’s madly in love with the most feared and handsome pirate in all the pantosphere – Captain Spark Barrel. But could he ever love a woman who was, well, a fish?  That’s right A FISH.  Dare Ariel strike a deal with the mighty sea witch Ursula?  Will true love win out?  Will we rip off the movie Splash?  

An underwater pirate tail (GET IT – tail instead of tale? Oh forget it) that’ll give you the oper-tuna-ity to tap your toes, sing your heart out and boo and hiss this Christmas.  Only at Macrobert Arts Centre!  



*****  A truly immersive occasion, The Little Mermaid is far more than just a festive pantomime. It is a theatrical experience that is so well executed there are literally no faults.  THE REVIEWS HUB

****  This is panto of the highest order. I’d happily watch it every day until the new year.  THE GUARDIAN

****  The witty, up-to-date script and irreverent atmosphere are very much in keeping with what we’ve come to expect from the Stirling panto.  THE TIMES

****  Can you fillet? The audience clearly can, squids in with this underwater romp, which is as mischievous as it is stuffed to the gills with charm and pathos. Fin and dandy for the festive season.  THE LIST

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