Miracle On 34 Parnie Street

Written & Directed by Johnny McKnight.  WORLD PREMIERE.  Tron Theatre, Dec 2014

The name’s Kringle. Kristine Cagney Kringle. 

Christmas mayhem is afoot in everyone’s favourite department store – T J Confuse – because Santa’s shown up and he’s a little bit different– he’s a SHE! 

Not only that but she’s claiming to be the real bona fide Santa Claus; and that she’s here to bring the true meaning of Christmas back to the pantosphere as well as prove to little Snoozy that her mum Doris will get all she wants for Christmas and more… 

Will the local cooncil remove Kristine from the only job she loves?  Or will the Glesga audience boo, hiss and cheer their way to the best Christmas in all the pantosphere?  Will Snoozy ever believe that Santa is here in the Trongate?And will we all sing-a-long to Mariah Carey yet again?   

Find out in Miracle on 34 Parnie Street. 



****  Johnny McKnight subverts the traditional pantomime for some cheeky, and very Glaswegian, satire.  THE STAGE

****  With reassuringly filthy puns, boundless energy and a big heart betraying its sentimentality, there’s something here for all the family.  THE LIST

****  Kristine Kringle is the true meaning of Christmas… McKnight holds on to the good-beats-evil message even as he is sending the whole thing up.  It’s a miracle.  THE GUARDIAN

**** Truly delightful… wickedly brilliant… a fierce and fluorescent new version… it’s no-holds-barred feminist politics makes it a brilliant counterpoint to the original story.  THE SCOTSMAN


Photo by John Johnston Commercial

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