Dear Scotland

Directed by Joe Douglas & Catrin Evans.  Produced by National Theatre of Scotland.  WORLD PREMIERE

Twenty of the country’s leading writers pen short, sharp monologues inspired by The Portrait Gallery’s celebrated portraits performed as a promenade theatre piece, staged within the galleries.  Presented by The National Theatre of Scotland.


****   It is fitting that the SNPG is the venue for a nation’s reflection on the big picture. While nobody knows what the dead or departed really would say, these imagined epistles to the nation from fleshed out ghosts and distant Scots that are well worth luggin in tae at this time of historical significance.  EDINBURGH GUIDE

****  This excellently acted production by Catrin Evans and Joe Douglas turns a gallery full of establishment stuffed shirts into a place of radical provocation.  THE GUARDIAN

Dear Scotland imagines a wonderfully diverse series of letters from Scotland’s past to its present and future. It is, quite simply, an excellent idea, beautifully realised.  SUNDAY HERALD

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