A Perfect Stroke

Written by Johnny Mcknight.  Directed by Amanda Gaughan.  WORLD PREMIERE.  Oran Mor/Traverse.  April 2014

Tommy’s staying behind after school. Just him and Ms Stone. Alone. On a Friday night. 

He’s playing Romeo and, for the purpose of tonight’s rehearsal, she’s going to take on the role of Juliet, because nothing wrong could come of that. Could it? A lively cat and mouse chase ensues as an innocent flirtation escalates to a struggle for power in the classroom. A nerve shredding insight into what happens when lines are crossed.



*****  The sort of drama that will have you squirming in your seat at the truth and suspense of it all… a brilliant piece of lunchtime theatre… Oran Mor has a reputation for throwing up gems.  This is certainly one of them.  ALL EDINBURGH THEATRE

**** A gey near perfect stroke of writing magic from the pen of Johnny McKnight!  EDINBURGH GUIDE

****  A memorable intense and perceptive 50 minutes… a tense and frightening power struggle… McKnight’s script is both sharp and tender – brilliantly observed.  THE SCOTSMAN


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