Peter Panto & The Incredible Stinkerbelle

Written by Johnny McKnight.  Directed by Kenny Miller.  WORLD PREMIERE.  Tron Theatre 2013

All children grow up – except one. Peter.

You see he’s not like the others. He can fly. He has a sworn enemy in the evil Captain New Look, who has one hand and one cheesy-pineapple-on a stick for the other. Peter also has a best friend, Stinkerbell. She’s a fairy but she’s no fool. She’s got magic flatulence and powerful rifts that she’s willing to turn on full force to any girl that comes between her and her love Peter.

Enter Wendy. Wet West End Wendy. She’s falling for Peter, but Stinkerbell would rather she fell off a cliff.   Will Stinkerbell get her man? Will Captain New Look swap his hook for a Dyson attachment? And how will we manage to fly anyone when there’s no flying rig?  Find out in this year’s Tron panto!


***** There’s poison, knives and looks that could kill all night long, providing a night of laughter and great entertainment.  THE PUBLIC REVIEWS

**** It’s not recommended for little ones (as evinced by several distracted wriggling tots), especially with its single entendres (sometimes a battered sausage is not a battered sausage), but with McKnight’s wonderfully savvy and layered writing, teenagers and adults should love the twerking references and bitchy banter. None of this is especially ironic as McKnight clearly has a genuine love for what he does. Just don’t get him started on Waitrose.  THE LIST

Photo by John Johnston Commercial

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