Beauty & The Beast

Written and Directed by Johnny McKnight.  WORLD PREMIERE.  Macrobert December 2013

Once Upon A Time in a far, far, faraway land – further than even Falkirk- lived a handsome young Prince and a beautiful young girl named Belle. 

Stirling Stella is not a happy place. The recession is STILL in full force. Bunty Buntock is worried  about her two children, Belle and Sebastian. Belle is sick of men – especially her psycho-ex Gaston, who keeps slapping his thighs and declaring Belle his prize. All Belle wants is her equal (oh and to win the Stirling Stella Showchoir competition).

Sebastian is tired of being the silly billy, if only the local evil witch Valentina Rizzla would notice him. And think on poor Prince Matthew Creepy-Crawley, confined to the ground of Bouffin Abbey. He used to be the heart-throb of Stirling Stella, and now thanks to an evil curse he’s scarier than Bigfoot. Who would know that a stolen rose- and a Showchoir final – would change their lives forever?

The greatest love story in the pantosphere as you’ve never heard it before. Part Grease, part Downton Abbey and a whole lot of fun!


****  The sheer joie-de-vivre of McKnight’s company wins through and if this Beauty And The Beast is neither subtle nor beautiful, it still offers a good, rude explosion of Christmas fun.  THE SCOTSMAN

**** The laughs come so thick and fast you’re always two jokes behind, and the quality of the singing, under Alan Penman’s musical direction, is second to none. It sends you home with a stupid big grin on your face.  THE GUARDIAN

Big, clever and hugely knowing, Johnny McKnight’s script is a comprehensive transformation of Beauty and the Beast into pantomime format – while remaining true to the original’s spirit.  THE STAGE


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