Aganeza Scrooge

Written & Directed by Johnny McKnight.  Music by Ross Brown.  Designed by Kenny Miller. WORLD PREMIERE.  Tron Theatre 2012

The pantosphere is decking the halls and rocking around their Christmas trees. Well everywhere except one place: Dickensian Street, home of the frightful Aganeza Scrooge, the scariest skinflint in the pantosphere.  A woman so tight with money she makes Fifers look generous. 

And Aganeza HATES Christmas! She hates those festive jumpers that her employee Bobby Scratchit keeps wearing; hates that Whiny Tim who walks around everywhere with a croquet stick; and don’t even get her started on those ghosts of panto past, present and future that have decided to keep her awake all through the night!  A girl has got to get her sleep.

Aganeza is on a quest to end Christmas! It’s sooooo…..bah humbug.  This year’s Tron panto is an all-female spin on Charles Dickens’ classic tale A Christmas Carol. A wildly funny, family show that will have you singing in the aisles, dancing in your seats and skipping home just like Tiny Tim.



**** Like the little girl with the little curl, when this show is good it is very, very good.  THE HERALD

****  McKnight’s show is a tremendous romp, with as high a quotient of panto fun as any Christmas entertainment around.  THE SCOTSMAN

****  The tongue-twisters, corny jokes and sweet-throwing are about as far from Dickens as you can get, yet so brilliantly does McKnight fuse the contradictory strands – bittersweet social commentary and pugnacious panto – that by the end, when Aganeza finally sees the error of her ways, he strikes a chord of genuinely warming Christmas cheer.  THE GUARDIAN

****  Beneath a surface which is both traditionally knockabout and expertly crafted, the sense of tension between the haves and have-nots of Dickens’ era is brought vividly up to date.  THE INDEPENDENT

****  There’s so much to love about the show – from Kenny Miller’s gorgeous monochrome designs to Sally Reid as Tiny Tim and her running joke about polio – that you may not notice how faithful McKnight is to A Christmas Carol. What you certainly do notice, though, is how moving is Aganeza’s redemption and how joyous the final chorus of ‘All I Want for Christmas’.  THE LIST


Photo by John Johnston Commercial


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