The Incredible Adventures Of See Thru Sam

Written & Directed by Johnny McKnight.  WORLD PREMIERE.  Produced by Random Accomplice.  2012

Sam McTannan is just a typical 15-year old, with one exception. Sam is a Superhero! He can literally turn See-Thru when it suits him, only today something is wrong. In Superhero comics, they would call it a blip. Sam’s powers are failing him and the people he doesn’t want to see him start paying a little bit too much attention.

The story of an ordinary boy with an extraordinary life. A heart-breaking, life-affirming comedy about life, love and being a total loser.



**** There’s potty-mouthed gallows humour in McKnight’s script that lifts things beyond sentiment in a powerfully observed study of adolescent angst. As Sam reaches for the stars, unable to reconcile himself with real life, McKnight has dreamed up an awfully big adventure well worth taking the leap.  THE HERALD

**** Touching and beautifully pitched… The technical skill involved in conjuring up Sam’s sketched-in world, and co-ordinating it with the movement of the three actors, is often breathtaking.  THE SCOTSMAN

****  This is a Kerpow! of a show dealing with love, death, grief, loss and trying to be ‘normal’, whatever that is.  EDINBURGH STAGE



Photo by Eoin Carey

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