Written & Directed by Johnny McKnight.  WORLD PREMIERE.  Macrobert 2010

Oh dear. Things aren’t going too well down in Stirling Stella. 

The Baroness Fantasia De’Wharff needs a nanny to control her seven unruly step-children, particularly the rather wild Snow White.

Step forward Nanny Maria Shut-Yon-Trapp who wants to fill the pantosphere with her own Sound Of Music. And, of course, the world is about to go even crazier now that Prince Rupert Charming-Darling is on the lookout for a new bit of arm candy. Will the evil Fantasia trap the handsome Prince and have Snow White destroyed? Will Nanny Maria ever find her own true love? Will Snow White ever eat her vegetables (and poisoned fruit – of course)? Is there enough curtain fabric to make seven outfits?



***** Destined to be one of the season’s favourite things.  THE HERALD

**** Over the top, young, anarchic and bursting with creative power.  THE SCOTSMAN

It will be hard to find a more perfectly constructed and delivered pantomime offering.  THE STAGE.


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