Little Johnny’s Big Gay Wedding

Written by Johnny McKnight.  Directed by Julie Brown.  WORLD PREMIERE.  Produced by National Theatre of Scotland.  June 2010.

Fans of Johnny McKnight’s five-year search for ‘the one’ are cordially invited to a theatre show with a difference. Little Johnny’s Big Gay Wedding casts you the audience as the guests at the nuptials, where you’ll be rubbing shoulders alongside family members such as his Mafioso Grandmother and Brothel-Madame Aunty before (hopefully) watching as Johnny and his other half set off into the sunset. No presents please, just presence, and please dress fabulously.



**** Johnny McKnight is in cracking form, wittily riffing away about his family’s feuds and airing graphic anecdotes that reveal why his relatives would never gather together if he was to get hitched… profoundly sincere and moving.  THE HERALD

**** This is a brave and funny show.  THE SCOTSMAN

**** It is vivid and warm-hearted, and unifies its audience in love and laughter.  THE GUARDIAN


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