Written by Johnny McKnight.  Directed by Julie Brown.  Produced by Random Accomplice.  2009 Tour. 

30, Single and Singing!

Written and performed by Johnny McKnight, the hysterical sell-out musical is on tour throughout Scotland.  Little Johnny’s Big Gay Musical is a hilarious one-man musical comedy extravaganza. Join Little Johnny as he sashays, taps and vogues along his journey through life’s ups and downs. 

A glittering celebration of failure in all its heart-wrenching, gold sequinned glory – written and performed by Johnny McKnight, directed & choreographed by Julie Brown, this is Random Accomplice back with their unique brand of comic panache. 

With a score composed by Karen MacIver, Little Johnny is joined on stage with a fabulous four piece band. Incorporating one-man confessional theatre and stand-up alongside traditional song & dance concepts from the Golden Age of the Hollywood musical, Little Johnny take to the stage and opens up in an all-singing, all-dancing tale through three turbulent decades. 

A witty and confessional take on his own personal strive for perfection – Little Johnny is 30, single and singing!



***** Enthralling…You’ll laugh more times in this show than in the majority of the Fringe’s comedy.  THREE WEEKS

***** An absolute delight… will have you smiling broadly for days.  SCOTSGAY

**** Showstopping…  sharp with a quip and wry with self-deprecation… McKnight’s execution of his songs and script is sublime, affectionately paying tribute to the great musicals and his own indomitable ego as much as sending them up.  THE SCOTSMAN

**** If Johnny McKnight didn’t exist, we’d have to invent him just for a laugh – make that countless laughs, all spiked with a telling sensibility of what it means to be single, gay and approaching 30… Vulgar?  Exuberantly so, and like this entire tour de force, crafted with a consummate awareness of how far to go, how to time and deliver material, be it verging on the sentimental or the potentially shocking.  THE HERALD

Photo by Niall Walker

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