Little Johnny’s Big Gay Adventure

Written by Johnny McKnight.  Directed by Julie Brown.  Produced by Random Accomplice.  2005.

Little Johnny is the suspected illegitimate lovechild of Linda Nolan and Donnie Osmond. He was discovered abandoned on the doorstep of the Horseshoe Bar, wrapped in an Argos carrier bag with only a bottle of Peach Concorde and 7″ vinyl of “Like A Virgin.” He’s been on a soul-searching quest to find Mr Right. Instead he’s found Mr Impotent, Mr Bunny-Boiler, Mr Says-He’ll-Call-But-Doesn’t, Mr STD and Mr Totally-Not-Interested. Tonight he’s looking to find Mr Right-Even-If-Just-For-One-Night.



****  Random Accomplice’s charming show is a genuinely funny romp… You can’t ask for much more in a show… engaging comic performance… it left the audience cheering.  THE SCOTSMAN

A warm and hilarious performance… fine but fabulous course between gleeful irreverence and moving epiphanies… funny, clever and moving. THE SKINNY

A painfully honest, coming-of-age tale that isn’t scared to get naked and show its emotional scars… it’s a little ray of light that shimmers.  THE HERALD

Photo by Niall Walker

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